(Cool Guy Crowd)
06/22/09 03:31 PM
SOLD: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $4500 SOLD

Car is tentatively sold, will update if when the sale is completed on November 1st

*** Depending on date may be able to deliver vehicle, contact me for more info ***

My brother was driving her around for a few months but he finally found another vehicle on 7/10/10. Odometer is 155,3xx miles and slowly climbing ( I drive her quite a bit when in town ).

Rest assured she's one of the few surviving members of the 4WS, ABS, CC, R12 A/C, and 95% rust-free club. Also passed NM emission tailpipe sniffer and visual with flying colors in May 2010. Ready for DD duties or with a turn of the boost controller surprise a few folks. Mods will support a decent amount of HP altho I rarely ever set the boost controller above 17psi ( at my 5300ft altitude the injector DC was never above 60% ).

And a DD she is, this car needs nothing more than gas ( or your imagination ).

A brief mod and info list:

Car still has fully operational cruise control, ABS, 4WS, and R12 A/C

Upgrades -

Engine, Fuel, Exhaust:
Complete OEM rebuild at 118k by PO ( johnsminibike ), today has 156k
MHI EVO3 ported turbo
2g ported O2 housing
SS exhaust manifold studs and nuts
Original CMP 2.5" TB exhaust with high flow cat
2g MAS
FIAV blockoff plate and coolant bypass
510cc JDM yellow injectors
JDM intake tube
Stage I DSMChip/Keydiver
3000GT fuel pump

Bilstein Touring Comfort struts front and rear
EVO8 coil springs, front cut one coil and 3/8" spacers rear
New front tophats, bump stops, and dust boots at 143k

Non-power antenna from Curtis ( cut to body dimensions )
Hacked front bumper for FMIC ( beam support and center section )
Manual seatbelt conversion ( highly recommended over the electric chokers )
Tinted windows ( 35% front, 25% rear as per local laws )
1g TEL shifter and leather boot
89 Under-dash with pocket and vents
93 headlights
JDM Full Time 4WD horn center
92 front grill
Viper alarm with remotes
92 rims with BFG KDW rubber 205/55-15

I have been lax about updating the pics, here are some I took today 9/10/10:

As you can see she ain't perfect ( driver seat bolster wear, dash around PS defrost vent separating, small rust spots around windshield shown in later post ) however it is aging very well. More pics of the underbody, doors, and flaws in later posts.

I travel quite a bit with work so PM is the best bet for reaching me.

Thanks for the time and space!

(GVR4 Pimpin)
06/22/09 08:50 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

o u 2

(Cool Guy Crowd)
06/22/09 11:34 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Here are more pics. I found more than the 2 rust spots as indicated in the original thread, they are all pictured with my pinkie as reference.

Here are some body pics with imperfections. First is trunk lid, second is DS rear door, third is PS moulding, fourth is PS front bumper:

Misc interior shots including 89 underdash:

Driving shot, tried to get cruise light on and show no CEL's:

Will get some door shots Tuesday and post them up ( no rust ).

(Cool Guy Crowd)
06/24/09 09:55 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

More pics or door bottoms, trunk lid, and butt end:

Misc engine bay including hard UIC made locally:

I'll try to get front underbody shots but am leaving town on 6/26 thru 7/4.

06/25/09 08:17 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Ooooh I want that steering wheel. Good luck with the sale. It looks pretty clean.

06/25/09 08:51 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Bump for a truly nice guy. I wish this was up for sale a while ago

(Cool Guy Crowd)
06/25/09 10:20 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

^^ Thanks a bunch guys, like always my timing is impeccable ( travel and potential customer FTL ).
One note, Toybreaker has seen and driven in the car while passing thru ABQ last year. I think he would be open to a PM for a separate opinion on the car and it's condition.
I won't lose a bit of sleep if she stays in the driveway so the current lack of interest ain't a bad thing.
More pics taken 9/21/10 of underbody, also shows the weeping TC rear seal:

(it's peace of mind at 100 mph plus)
06/26/09 10:52 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Quoting ktmrider:

She just is not a practical backup car for the wife and kiddos while I travel, and travel I am doing.

Get them bicycles!

Damn, Mike, I hate to see you thinking about selling.

In fact, I've decided to passively resist the sale, so the only positive words you'll get from me is that none of the wheels fell off on the drive.

Quoting ktmrider:

I'll try to get front underbody shots but am leaving town on 6/26 thru 7/4.

That's of the car, riiiiight?

All kidding aside, this is one of the cleanest Galant's around, and it ran really well when I saw it over the holiday. Mike has kept this car immaculate, and it shows. Even has the official vr4 mats!

It's a strong car with solid mods, and would make an excellent daily driver.

If I wasn't already overstocked with projects, I'd be snatching this one up, as it's worth every penny.

(Cool Guy Crowd)
07/10/10 07:10 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Bump, she's back on the market again for $4500 firm.

(Cool Guy Crowd)
09/10/10 04:09 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Bump, updated the first post with new pics and info from the Members Rides section.

(Fatty McButterpants)
09/11/10 11:49 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

When this car was in AZ I worked on it to fix an idle issue and the car was very clean and ran perfectly. I have no doubt Mike has only made it better. I also want to say that this should be the standard for EVERY for sale add on the board.

Wish I was in the market for a GVR4 as I would buy this car up in a heart beat.

(Cool Guy Crowd)
09/20/10 02:25 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $5500

Thx Mike, appreciate the kind words!

Car runs absolutely perfect. No idle surge, no grinds in the tranny, only "drip" is from the TC rear seal which I have been lax on replacing ( level does not go below the fill plug, only overflow from filling at an angle ).

Always amazes me that people will spend $2000 on a "fixer upper", put another $1000 into it, never get it running, then sell for a loss. While my price is higher than most you won't find another one in better mechanical shape that looks good/great plus has EVERYTHING working like new or better. You also won't be posting a new-to-the-forum-but-my-car-runs-like-crap thread with #86 LOL.

09/21/10 12:10 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $4500 UPDATED

i'm most def. interested...but unfortunately won't have the funds for quite some time. if the car stays around (which i doubt for something this clean)..i would love to take it off your hands.

(Trifecta of Fail)
09/21/10 04:07 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $4500 UPDATED

Pm sent. Would like to come see the car on Thursday.

09/21/10 06:36 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $4500 UPDATED

PM sent

(Cool Guy Crowd)
09/23/10 07:25 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 #86/2000 - NM - $4500 UPDATED

As of now I have a tentative deal with a local DSM member for #86. She is fur shur going to a great home, The Rabbi as we call him seems to have the same vision for her as I do/did ( no hacking, enjoy 17psi or so of boost, leave everything intact ).

He's gonna drive her while I am on my next business trip, if all goes well we do the official paperwork when I return Nov 1st.

Thanks to all for your kind words, support, understanding, and even entertainment over the last few years! If I wasn't traveling so much with work Boomerang woulda stayed put. Once the travel slows or changes I am DEFINITELY getting back into the GVR4 world.

Toybreaker/John, keep doing what you are doing for the site and its members. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed our conversations plus all the foot-in-mouth or part emergencies you have bailed me out of. Glad to see the "M" next to your name!

I will post up if/when the official sale occurs, peace out all.

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