(Turn Right Racing)
04/30/18 09:18 PM
FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400-SOLD-

Offering up my '92 for sale. I will be putting up further pictures soon.

1992 Galant VR4 828/1000 Asking price $5400

169,500 miles on the chassis
Rebuilt block installed (honed, cleaned, fresh rings and bearings, balance shaft removal) 2014
4G61 Cylinder head (smaller combustion chambers for higher compression)
About 10k miles since refresh (valve job, exhaust guides replaced). New style lifters
3g Eclipse air flow sensor, Evo 8 fuel injectors (cleaned and flowed)
Quick-release fuel injector clips installed
K&N air filter with adapter on stock intake hose
Socketed and chipped ECU (Keydiver chip for air/fuel equipment listed above)
Newer style (black) updated ISC
2g style O2 sensor installed (with custom jumper harness) because original connector is very brittle. All other engine compartment wiring repaired as necessary.

New battery (12/2013)
Reman starter (12/2013)

Trans fresh fill with Redline 75W85

Custom made famous Mofugas 2 exhaust (bought from Jon @ TRE when he parted out the old Mofugas GVR4). Recently replaced the flex section and painted the system and muffler. Sounds nice and mellow, not too loud. Catalytic convertor retained.

Drive shaft yoke replaced 2012 or 2013

3 bolt LSD installed (see AWS system)

KYB GR2 front and rear (2011). Has 1g Eclipse GSX springs (cut coil in front)
5 bolt conversion (has 97 Eclipse GSX wheels with Mitsubishi McGard locks)
5-bolt wheel spare included
New wheel bearings (3 of 4)
3~4 year old Nitto Motivo tires, 215-45-17 W rated. Probably fewer than 10k miles on them as I have not driven this car much over the last year or so

AWS system removed, reservoir replaced with standard one.
ABS still intact and functional (can provide some spares if wanted)

2003 Eclipse front rotors (wider by 2mm, same diameter-brake clips modified to clear. Can easily go back to stock size in 5 lug)
Performance Friction front brake pads.
Rear pads maybe 4 years old.
Stainless brake lines

Most CV axle boots replaced. Ball joint boots/Sway bar links replaced (2011).
New steering rack boots (2017)
New RH tie rod end (2017)
A/C fixed and refilled with real R12 in 2012. New receiver dryer.

Other history:
Found this car on It was in a barn in southern Illinois with the engine taken apart
I bought it in 2008 and began working on it in 2009. I surgically removed the AWS system (which was perfectly intact).
Redid all the suspension with new KYB struts, 1g AWD springs, Mitsu front wheel bearings, stainless brake lines, 5 bolt conversion, etc.

The Good
Car is a solid chassis with no rust through of body panels or rockers. Front fender leaf retention pockets have been cleaned out numerous times over the years

The Bad
Car has surface rust on some of the suspension components and parts of the underbody
Rear defroster lines were damaged and I have attempted repairs. Most of it works, but not the prettiest where the repairs are

The Ugly
The clearcoat had evaporated off the hood, tops of fenders and the roof. I repainted much of the car, but did not do a stellar job. Need more practice. There are still come clearcoat peeling issues on the trunk (recleared by someone earlier in life), there are some color-match issues between the original paint probably slightly faded and the new paint. Some weird mottling of the color happened on the hood. BUT, it looks way better than before the paint. Not a show car, but decent.

Steering wheel is rough, thus the cover.

Negotiable spares/extra parts:
Starion intercooler modded to fit GVR4
Stock air can (if desired)
Nice low miles Evo III 16G turbo
ABS spare parts (ECU and some sensors)

I have a lot more pictures including the underbody. Stay tuned.

("Just to be pedantic!")
05/02/18 10:17 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

How's the rust situation?

(Turn Right Racing)
05/02/18 10:35 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

There is not structural rust, though the car has the usual surface rust on suspension and underbody components. I have driven it in winter, but have not let the crud collect in the fenders so no rust through there. There was some rust on the inside surface of the fenders which I treated/painted.

I think one of the door bottoms has some lower hem rust.

(Forever Member)
05/02/18 11:48 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Is this your last GVR4, or do you still have another?

(Turn Right Racing)
05/02/18 12:25 PM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

William, I have my 91 and am keeping it for now.

(Turn Right Racing)
05/14/18 08:41 PM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Additional info:

Sunroof works both slide and tilt. Everything in good condition.

Has a 92 style stereo in it right now, but I could put in the equalizer type with cassette (not ejecting properly) with the AUX jack for Ipod listening if you prefer.

Has 5 bolt spare to match the conversion.

Rear seat stitching repaired.

Hood front edge has been repaired with fiberglass where it had some rust.

(Too Clean)
05/17/18 12:43 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Never thought I'd live to see this, Dave! GLWS!

(Turn Right Racing)
05/25/18 07:08 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Sale Pending!

Don't worry Jeff, I still have my 91. Not selling that for the foreseeable future.

(Turn Right Racing)
05/30/18 10:40 AM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Payment received today. Pending pick up by the transporter.

More details later.

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05/31/18 03:55 PM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Are you down to one now (pending this sale)?

(Turn Right Racing)
05/31/18 08:36 PM
Re: FS: 828/1000 Belize Green, Ann Arbor MI area- $5400

Yes, down to one. Picked up by the truck about 7 pm.

Sold for $5100 if you are keeping score.

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