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01/10/18 02:47 PM
FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

I feel weird posting this here as it's not really a car anymore but there is no category for "scorched VR-4's for sale". So as some of you know I had a fire that consumed a bunch of my cars and a month later the insurance companies are finally directing me as to what to do next. Before they drag the #1607 away and crush it I thought I'd see if someone has any use for it. I can't tell you what if anything is still viable on it. I did stick my finger in the 16G turbo and is spun freely which, means nothing I suppose but atleast it's a data point. I did not try to turn the engine over but I did check the oil and it did not appear to be wet and viscous. The block on these cars are cast iron so not sure if that is a good thing in a fire or not. The car had just 311 miles on it since it was completely torn down and rebuilt. Everything was new... brakes, H&R blue springs, CV join boots, Centerforce Clutch, flywheel, AC compressor and on and on. You can read more in the forums as I documented a lot of it. So if someone wants this for, say $300 let me know. I have the vehicles clear CA title in hand and no insurance company will be notifying the CA DMV of the vehicle being a total loss so title will remain clear unless the new owner reports the vehicle as totaled. Buyer responsible for removal. My cherished mid-engine, RWD 1959 Austin Mini was also torched and I'll be letting go of that as well... I'm just crushed...

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01/10/18 04:47 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

Man, it's hard to look at the before and after. It doesn't look like anything survived unfortunately.
I would try to dig a little and see if the dash badge survived if it were mine.
Good luck with where you go from here. I hope the insurance company was fair on the payout for such a clean car.

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01/13/18 05:20 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

There is one bright side ... all photos of the VR4 now have a view into the inner working of the car, that on the skin you could not see. With most of the soft parts gone to dust, you can see the inner workings of the seats, bumpers, etc. With all the people looking to redo something in their car, it is like looking at a parts counter diagram but with more detail (mostly). I cannot believe the intake manifold and other parts just crumbled like that ... serious intensity!
Sorry to see the cars go like that, I can only imagine the feelings towards them.

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01/16/18 12:40 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

Wow, sorry for the loss ! I would be digging thru whatever is left of that dash just in case the vr4 badge although damaged survived ! If by some miracle even a small part of it was intact I would frame it along with a picture of the car !

01/21/18 01:27 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

Damn. That sucks. I assume the mini is now in similar condition? Do you know what started the fire?

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01/23/18 08:23 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

Damn this galant was in San Diego! Never saw it before I moved

01/23/18 09:29 PM
Re: FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

My VR4 was also on Bring a Trailer back in 2011. click

Hoping to catch something in similar condition someday. Sorry to see what happen to your car man.

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