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07/16/17 05:32 PM
FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, **SOLD**

This car is fantastic and someone is going to come up on an extreme value here. This is the classic tale where I spent a ton of money and now get to sell the car for pennies on the dollar. I have two other vehicles, and I am moving and going back to school. Unfortunately I must sell this car.

The suspension/chassis on this car is pretty well dialed in, and so it is extremely rewarding to drive. I have a lot of respect for the incredible balance that the S2000ís creators achieved. Also, working in the performance tuning industry for the last 8 years has helped me to understand that there are a lot of ways to screw cars up, particularly sports cars that are already good to begin with. The parts on this car have been selected with utmost scrutiny.

Iíve driven a lot of stuff, and the most fun iíve ever had on four wheels has been in this car. Iíll get to the good stuff. If you want some more history of my relationship with this car, Iíve been working on a blog you can check out here:

Vehicle Info:

2003 HONDA S2000
Owners: 3 (I am the 3rd)
Clean and clear title in hand.
Mileage: 126,200
Location: San Clemente, CA

Price: $14,700

Cold start/walkaround demo video
HVAC & cruising demo video
Power delivery demo video

(detailed maintenance log can be viewed here. click

1st owner serviced this car exclusively at the dealer. Records available.
2nd owner only had the car for <2000 miles and did one oil change with Mobil 1 and S2K specific Oil Filter
I have done the following:

I switched the car over to Redline 10w40 synthetic, as it has excellent HTHS properties, and a great additive package with nutrients that overachieving engines like this crave. The car has only seen Genuine Honda, S2K specific oil filters since day one.

Genuine Honda Clutch Master Cylinder
Genuine Honda Slave Master Cylinder
New aftermarket engine mounts
New diff fluid - Redline 75W110
New trans fluid - Redline MTL

Replaced original convertible top elastic straps with new Modifry elastic straps

Valve adjustment.
Int. 0.009 All; Exh. 0.011 All
New Genuine Honda valve cover gasket set
New Genuine Honda spark plug tube seals

New Genuine Honda battery tie down bracket and fasteners
New NGK Laser Iridium stock spec, gaps verified
New Genuine Honda fender liner and wheel air deflector installed (passenger side). Original one had a crack and some broken fastener holes.
Parking brake adjusted.
Serpentine belt replaced (New Gates belt)


***ALL suspension/chassis mods are VERY fresh. All parts were purchased new through Heeltoe Automotive and were installed at 122,352 miles***


Tractive Coilover Damper Kit. Eibach ERS 700/600 lb (12.5k/10.7k) springs. Long rear stroke, lots of damping range, double digressive pistons. Single way adjustable with 20 positions, and each is unique. Monotube. Manufactured in Holland, top tier materials and manufacturing. Serviceable in USA.

These are amazing, true motorsports grade dampers, and worth every cent of the $3000 price. They were custom valved for this particular setup and my intended use, using the latest in simulation equipment and real world experience by the gurus at Inertia Laboratory. I had planned on Ohlins DFVs but these have considerably more rear stroke, they cost significantly less to service, the build quality is as good if not better, and the valving on the DFVs is a bit on the generic side. The ride is very smooth, and they soak up all the little surface imperfections, making for added grip and confidence in bumpy corners.

Corner Balance/Alignment from Chewerks (two thumbs up, Rob is great):
-2.9* front camber
-2.8* rear camber
6.7* / 6.9* caster
~0 Toe Fr/Rr

Neuspeed 32mm front sway bar (with lateral locking rings to prevent shifting)
AP2 Base rear sway bar

J'S RACING S2 Front camber joint w/ roll center adjustment
J'S RACING Rear roll center adjuster 20mm

Spoon Front Compliance Bushing Set
Spoon Front LCA Bushing Set

Hardrace Front Bumpsteer Kit (spherical bearing outer tie rod, sphericals are booted)
Hardrace Rear Bumpsteer Kit (these spherical bearings are booted to keep the crud out)

949 Racing 6UL, 17x9 square, +55. After a minor front/rear fender roll, there is no rubbing unless you have the steering wheel at full lock. Load the suspension up in the turns or hit big bumps, still no rubbing!
Nitto NT05, 255/40/17.

Chassis Reinforcement:
Ultra Racing Side Lower Braces. These run longitudinally under the car between the front and rear subframes, and make a very noticeable improvement in rigidity.
Ultra Racing Rear Subframe Brace, Lower, 4 Point. (use in conjunction with factory brace)
Ultra Racing Rear Subframe Brace, Upper, 2 Point
Ultra Racing Middle Brace, 2 Point (driveshaft tunnel; replaces factory brace)
Alutec Front Shock Tower Brace

-Fastline Performance stainless braided brake line kit
-Hawk Street/Race pads (currently equipped- lots of stop, lots of bite, moderate dust, little bit of noise. These are basically DTC 30s, but with chamfered edges and shims for noise abatement)
-Hawk HPS 5.0 pads (included in sale - less dust and silent, will tolerate a lot of heat for a street pad, good stopping power)

-Koyo Hyper V Core Radiator
-Samco Inlet Tube, black
-APEXi GT Spec cat back system. Good for 30lbs of weight savings. It is quiet and wonít get you in trouble, but the tone is SO GOOD. Smooth, clean and sorta ferocious at WOT.

The original stereo is in place, but it was overhauled and upgraded by specialist Phantom Audio. They worked their magic on it, which retains a factory look with far better sound quality and more power.
This car has the optional, dealer installed S-Pod headrest speakers. They really help. The stereo in this car is awesome as far as convertibles go.
Grom Audio USB/I Pod interface
The car will also include a custom fit Covercraft Noah cover.
Genuine Honda clear sidemarkers (JDM spec)
Modifry GoPro console mount
Genuine Honda S2000 Storage Pouch (holds paperwork/manuals and hangs behind driver seat)

Exterior Condition:
This was a 2nd car for all 3 owners, and lived mostly in the garage.
Tail lights are crystal clear and very nice.
Head lights are beginning to yellow slightly at edges. Still look good though.
A few scratches and rock chips here and there. The paint certainly has its imperfections, but the clear coat is solid throughout and the car gleams like a diamond.
The top is original. No holes or tears. It has been reinforced in key areas to prevent holes/tears.

Interior Condition:
The dash is very clean and in great shape.
All buttons work as they should.
A/C blows very cold. Heater blows very hot.
There is a small section of carpet with a blemish on it, just in front of the passenger seat, on the left side next to the transmission tunnel. It is rather tough to see it unless you are close, or looking for it.


S-Pod Headrest Speaker

S-Pod Headrest Speakers

S2000 Optional Hanging Organizer (hangs from existing hooks behind driverís seat)

About TracTive suspension:

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07/16/17 05:58 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Damper glamour shots:

Front passenger corner:


Phantom Head Unit:

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07/16/17 10:37 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Seeing you sell all of your toys makes me want to cry, David. I can only imaging how you feel.

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07/16/17 11:41 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Definitely sad to see this one go. I was just getting started

But the good news is I decided to keep the Evo. It's a swiss army knife. Trunk, back seat, AWD, and can still rip it up at the track. I think i'm being practical

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07/17/17 07:51 AM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Quoting ApexHunter:

But the good news is I decided to keep the Evo.

I approve of this message.

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07/17/17 02:01 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

The amount of info you put in your ads is nice. No need to ask a ton of questions or do any sort of guess work, you covered it all. The rest of us should take notes when selling a vehicle. So glad you decided to keep the Evo , this one should sell quickly.

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07/17/17 02:21 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

^^^except G would complain no under shots :lol:

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07/17/17 02:41 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Oh but there is!

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07/17/17 04:17 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Quoting GSTwithPSI:

Seeing you sell all of your toys makes me want to cry, David. I can only imaging how you feel.

I know the feeling. Had to let go of some projects when I went back to school. It was worth it in the long run for sure. Now to buy moar cars!!

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07/17/17 11:20 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Thanks Chris. Lots of time into these but my hope is always that it saves myself and others time on the back end. Get it all out there.

Ryan, definitely appreciate hearing that. Not stoked on this, but yeah man duty now for the future. I keep telling myself it's just a car lol.

07/22/17 01:16 AM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

So sad to see this one go.

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11/07/17 10:06 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

^ Me too.

I stopped promoting this for the last few months so I could get settled in after moving and starting school.

Re-booting now. Price drop to $14.7k. Need this car gone.

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11/15/17 07:43 AM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

If I was in the market for a two-seater, I'd buy this car just because of its owner's attention to detail. This seems like a steal at this price. GLWS, David!

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03/01/18 06:27 PM
Re: FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, $15.9K

Car sold in December. Sorry for not updating sooner.

Thanks for all the kind words guys.

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