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03/09/17 11:44 PM
FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (new pics 6.27.17)... N. Seattle, WA $7,500

1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #613/2000... Belize Green. non-sunroof. PNW/non-rust car. highly modified.

*NOTE* thats the same spot, from 3 different angles. i can take a video if really needed too. its just hard to picture.

*there is a full set of nice/used windshield molding/trim in the trunk*

walk around vid on youtube... *OLD VID* pics above are new/current

G4CS 2.4L block
OEM 100mm crankshaft
Eagle rods (stock length)
Wiesco pistons (86.5mm, 8.8:1cr)
1g/6bolt turbo head w/mild port & "3g" lifters
Si Valvesprings/retainers
ForcedPerformace 'FP4' cams
Cometic Headgasket .051"
ARP Headstuds
Balance shafts removed
SS braided oil line kit
94 Galant GS cam gears
JM Fabrications Race SMIM
billet 70mm throttle body
NGK Plug wires
Billet #613/2000 oil cap
VR1 racing 20w50 oil and Mitsu filter (always)

Magnus T4 divided manifold
FP T4/T67 .84 P-trim divided turbine
44mm V-band wastegate
3" V-Band O2 housing
3" V-band downpipe
3" exhaust
Magnaflow muffler
2.5" charge pipes
IRC/2-216 intercooler
TiAL 50mm bov
4" intake
K&N 4" filter

ECMLink v3
3bar MAP sensor
GM Intake Air Temp sensor
ECMLink SD harness
PTE 1000cc injectors
Denso/Supra pump
AEM wideband
Turbosmart 30/30 boost gauge
Hallman boost controller

1g DSM transmission
ACT 2600 clutch
Fidanza flywheel
custom shifter
Skunk2 10th Anniversary knob
Redline fluids in trans/tcase/diff
4-bolt LSD rear

BC BR coilovers
EVO 8 Enkei 17x8 wheels
"3g big" brake master cylinder
Stainless braided brake lines
ABS delete
5lug swap (new bearings/rotors)
Hawk HPS brake pads
AWD DSM front steering rack (4ws removed)

aluminum vw scirocco style radiator
Flex-a-Lite 365 dual fan (controlled by ECMLink)
93 headlights
have clear and amber bumper signals (clear installed)
removed chrome stripe replaced with black
small Honda 151 battery (new)
Pioneer deck x4 speakers (nothing special)
ABS removed
4WS removed
AC removed
CC removed
all emissions removed

LOTS if not most parts are new/newish: timing belt, hoses, water pump, intake manifold/throttle body, wheel bearings, coilovers, brakes...most notably off hand.

spare parts that i may or may not include but i have available.
slim steering wheel hub (NRG?)
wingless trunk
black grill
chrome grill (poor condition)
painted 92 grill (painted oem gold)
stock intercooler, intake manifold,
nice set of all 3 windshield moldings (to repaint and replace 'chromed' ones)
coils/ignitors, a CAS w/AEM trigger wheel
(there is more, ill look, and add as i remember/find them)

Well i think its time to let her go. i bought this Galant with little over 100k miles in early 2012. Washington state car, non-sunroof, Belize green, all stock. has ~132k on her currently.

motor was built in early 2013 by good friend of mine. he actually spec'ed it all out to make sure she would be good for a long ass time and make good power.

i honestly daily drove her for the first year (~10-15k miles). then randomly daily for 3months at a time after (~15-20k over 4 years). i have no attention span when it comes to cars. i have had no less than 6 other projects during the time i have own the Galant. but would still take the 1+hour drive each way through north seattle traffic to/from work without issue. engine and trans are smooth! exhaust is a little loud sometimes. engine has probably 10k mines on it, call it 15k to be safe. i currently drive her a couple days a week (8mile drive to work now). i have modified her since the day i bought her. sometimes slowly sometimes she would be down for months while doing the next round of mods.

condition: i believe that honesty is best when selling a car, so ill tell it how it is and i see it. hope it doesnt read like this car is a pile (or that im being negative), because its far from it. just isnt show quality.
like i have said before, she is a Washington state car. so other than a random paint chip on the hood and random trivial things like that there is NO RUST. never had a problem removing bolts or suspension, etc. for a 1991 the overall condition is pretty good.
~most of dings/dents fixed. still visible rear quarter above taillight (see pics) and the one on the hood.
~clear coat is gone off spoiler. oxidation is starting on the trunk lid (but no where else) quoted $500.
~right rear dogleg has a dime side missing paint (see pic/touchup?).
~windshield will collect moisture if not driven every day, believe it to be the seal. (was quoted $150-200)
~think there is an exhaust leak at the downpipe, and tail pipe doesnt come to end of bumper (seems to bother a couple people).
oh, and as your quest for power goes up, the clutch will go out im sure (2600+street disc). we got her to spin once while out tuning after repeated pulls with 2 people in car. boost is at 20something psi now, and with one person in the car it hasnt done it since.

exterior 7.5/10
interior 8/10
drivetrain 9/10 (needs more tuning time, rich at cruise/wot)

bought early 2012
motor march 2013
suspension early 2015
cams mid 2015
t4 kit late 2015
timing belt/water pump april 2016
SMIM late 2016

reason for selling?... lot has changed in last 5 years. idea of the car has changed several times even. i am excited to build/change things on her, but i am not as excited to drive. i will most likely be moving to a RWD V8 car. plus im bored, time for a new build. not to mention i have another car im building currently. i really dont drive as much as i would like.
*im not hard up for money, ill drive her or let her sit till the right buyer shows up with cash.*

trades?... NO CARS, i have too many. just bought a new(er) one, and have no more space. ill take LSX/LS1/LSA parts as partial payment? LSA blower would be nice

CASH: $7,500

CONTACT: turbohf at gmail dot com OR *text me* four two five seven three seven five six three six OR facebook message OR pm me here, my notifications are turned on, either way ill get back to you as soon as i can.

(Unempowered ADMIN)
03/11/17 10:23 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000... N. Seattle, WA $8500

Seriously nice car but no AC?

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03/12/17 03:14 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000... N. Seattle, WA $8500

thanks. yeah, AC never worked. so after like 3 years i pulled it out to clean things up.

(anyone even read this?)
04/11/17 01:24 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000... N. Seattle, WA $8500

i am scheduled with the dent removal guy for Wednesday. i have painted the passenger side door trims black... ill post some fresh pics once that is done i guess

i want a Corvette now...

(god hates stupid people)
04/25/17 07:51 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000... N. Seattle, WA $8500

Honestly, for as easy as it is, I think if you painted your door trims and re-took the pics, it'd get more people interested, as lame as that sounds.

I think it's probably also worth saying that for all the people who think they can buy a cheaper shell (maybe rusty) and recreate it for less... you can't. There are a ton of really great parts here, and if this motor was built by Bryan, I'd trust it to hell and back.

(anyone even read this?)
04/26/17 01:39 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000... N. Seattle, WA $8500

thanks for the kind words.

yeah it seems like a lot of money, and well it is, but for what the car is and has, its a deal. you can change whatever you dont like on this car for cheaper than building one.

yes, Bryan build the shortblock, and really has helped me most the way keeping me on a good path. has helped me finding parts. hell i bought the car from him, short block, turbo kit...countless things lol. Bryan build/spec'ed the shortblock, i assembled most all the accessory stuff. Bryan did the cam swap/timing belt/lifters later also. the ported head i got off a member on here. Bryan will hopefully help me little more with the tuning also. just havent been really motivated for that (just runs rich). motor is smooth as hell. the best built motor i have had. its solid.

the passenger door trims HAVE BEEN PAINTED! just havent taken pics. also painted the windshield moldings. and i had the paintless dent guy pull pretty much all the dings/dents. although the big one above the tail light is still little visible next to the light. ill try to wash the car and take some pics whenever it isnt raining (friday?). maybe ill check into the window not working too. but i have been working on the Nova...

05/05/17 03:43 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500


(anyone even read this?)
05/07/17 08:32 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

couple new pictures:

last pic there is showing the big dent that was fixed as best he could. something about double walled steel and being up on the taillight. he also did a bunch of the other little dings, and a little crease he found in the left rear door. still isnt perfect but its also a 26yo car. there are still a couple random dings as small as a dime. think he got everything bigger.
the imperfection on the hood and whats above the drivers taillight are as good as they will get without a bodyshop.

(Infamous BMX Master)
05/17/17 09:15 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500


(anyone even read this?)
05/18/17 08:51 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

she isnt sold yet, you still have time...

(anyone even read this?)
05/18/17 08:55 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

oh, and...

working on the power window not working issue. think i found the problem lol. soon as i touched the middle wire it broke still need to put it back together and verify all is good.

(fighting them with a large needle)
05/19/17 06:42 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

Driver's side door wiring?

(anyone even read this?)
05/19/17 11:14 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

yeah. that's the drivers door harness. not a fun job, that's why its not back together yet.

(Infamous BMX Master)
05/19/17 05:39 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

If everything goes swimmingly for me in the next 60 days and the car isn't sold... Lot of "if's" though.

(anyone even read this?)
05/19/17 06:38 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

yeah. I hear ya. same with me. I have my eyes on a corvette. but its on open market too... other than that, I'm in no real hurry, I just renewed the registration so I need to get my $63 worth out of that

(anyone even read this?)
05/21/17 10:59 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

*** UPDATE ***

worked on her again today. after some more troubleshooting not only did it have those 3 messed up wires in the door harness, apparently it had a bad passenger switch, and spare i had only went down lol. but all 4 windows now WORK OFF THE SWITCHES! all 4 windows go up and down off master, and each window goes up and down off its switch. so all is right.
car is put back together. drove around some today with all the windows down, was good times.

edit. ill be swapping stock steering wheel back in. and i guess i never uploaded interior pics (but interior shots are in walkaround vid). so i think ill try to get some fresh ones taken in next day or 2, probably exterior shots also.

(anyone even read this?)
06/19/17 03:42 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

i dont want to have to part this car out, too nice for that...

(god hates stupid people)
06/22/17 12:10 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

James, if you come up to buy this car, we should definitely have a GVR4 get together!

(anyone even read this?)
06/24/17 12:36 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

price drop.

(anyone even read this?)
06/27/17 10:49 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

ok. i just bought another car lol... this really needs to leave. i have 3 parking spots, and car #4 coming in a day or two. means my truck will be parked on the street (yes, selling the galant, and still its parked in my driveway)

will take an LSA blower/kit as a partial payment or maybe some 17/18" 5X120 wheels...

(I ain't no puny human)
06/27/17 11:07 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

Did you get a GTO or G8?

(anyone even read this?)
06/27/17 04:55 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

2008 Pontiac G8 GT 91k miles, full bolt on... maybe ill post pics/info when i pick it up (should be tomorrow)

speaking of pics, like 35 new pics are uploading now of the Galant...

(I ain't no puny human)
06/28/17 08:09 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (added fresh pics/vid)... N. Seattle, WA $8500

Love the GT's and new SS's. ONly wish it wouldn't take a $600 HPTuner setup just to permanently deactivate the engine eating DOD.

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