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09/11/16 08:58 PM
Not for sale anymore - Black GVR4 - New Jersey - NO TITLE

EDIT 10/11/16 - not for sale anymore - there were no takers

If someone wants to build a race car GVR4....speak now or forever hold your peace. Im going to scrap it monday 10/9/16 if there are no takers, as I can't store it for "someday" when Id want to build a dragstrip only GVR4.

The car has now at $250
unibody + glass.
cracked tail lights, wing, trunk, weather seals, sunroof, doors w/ exterior handles, hood. roof rails, glass trim. Basically just the exterior body was left together to keep the water/rot out.
Dashboard - bare comes with it.

Interior is absolutely gutted. (easy to weld in cage now huh!)
Wiring is all removed. Pedal assembly removed.
Engine bay is empty...other than brake booster, the brake lines to rear, AWS lines.
Front subframe w/ 4lug hubs, sway bar are still there.
rear subframe, 4lug hubs/rotors, 4WS 3bolt rear diff are still there.
stock GVR4 wheels included.

Edit 9/28/16 Not for sale anymore as a street car (could not find title)

IGNORE ALL OF THIS's background / old info:

Offering up 469/2000 that I bought for partout inventory. (in the current condition, I really haven't touched it yet, it's not been a priority on time). Im only offering it up because I could use the parking lot space, and this is the least profitable of the 5 partout cars Im currently sitting on, and it's a "rust free shell", of which there are not that many left. If someone buys it to rebuild..awesome. If no one wants it, Im fine with carving it up in a month or so for shelf stock inventory.

Nile Black 1991 w/ sunroof. ODO says 183,165. Asking $900 picked up at 1028 State Route 94, Blairstown, New Jersey 07825. I can deliver a reasonable distance for a fee.

Contact: [email protected] or 862-251-2571 (TXT only...I rarely answer voice calls) PM here is sporadic, you'll get me faster via txt or email.

Body/paint condition is what I would consider "rough to poor". Note the car has hail damage on the roof, hood, trunk, has plenty of dings on the sides, and has a very poor area in pass/rear corner. Missing front bumper cover & pass dogleg.
Chassis condition: it looks to be rust/rot free and worthy of a rebuild & body restoration
Interior condition: it's mostly there. Dash has a torn spot by the badge. Rear seat bottom has a rip. Front seats are decent. Dash badge is there!
Mechanical condition: SHELL. Needs engine, trans, xcase, ecu, and mech/elec sub systems. (see photo of empty engine bay).
Electrical: all the wiring harnesses appear to be untouched.
Of Note: Still has 3bolt rear, AWS, ABS. No AC or Cruise parts.

Pics are uploading right now. Will post all, and can take pics of any specific spot requested.

09/27/16 12:11 AM
Re: FS: 91 Black GVR4 469/2000 rust free shell - Blairstown, NJ

Please hold onto it for another month. I want this!

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09/28/16 11:01 AM
Re: FS: 91 Black GVR4 469/2000 rust free shell - Blairstown, NJ

No dice, I apparently don't have a title for it, and if memory serves me now, I likely never got the title for it (and didn't care at the time because it was supposed to be a parts car). The car came to me via AAA tow truck that dropped it off in middle of the night, and I paid a facebook friend online for the car that he was selling for his buddy. Long story...but...I guess it's not really for sale anymore without a title.

I had a buyer for it at $700 earlier in the month, and couldn't do the sale when I couldn't find the title. fault for not checking first before posting it up. And double my fault for not remembering to get on here and pull the post down.

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10/07/16 10:05 PM
Re: FS: 91 Black GVR4 469/2000 rust free shell - Blairstown, NJ

In Vermont you don't need a title to register a car that is older than 15 years old. In fact even if you have the title, the dmv won't take it. There are a few other states like that too. So you just need to find the right buyer.

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