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12/08/15 10:10 PM
FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA NC SOLD

Can't believe I'm doing this but we've been driving this for about a year now and that seems to be the magic number lately . It currently has 62k on the odometer, so about 8k on the rebuilt engine. It doesn't need anything, great DD, cold AC. My wife even drives it to work sometimes, leaves home at 5am, so it's super reliable. My build thread has a ton of pics and info. The stock steering wheel is back on it now, not the fake MOMO. I think my asking price of $3650 is more than fair, I'm sure we have more than that invested not counting all the time spent basically restoring it.

VIN: JP3CU24A9NU040156

Link to the build: click

Everything that was done 8k ago when I built it.

New tires
refurbished GVR4 wheels
rear disc conversion
twin piston front calipers and larger rotors
larger elantra brake booster and 1" 3000gt M/C
SS brake lines
elantra front sway bar (larger)
new struts all around (KYB GR-2's)
tach cluster (original odometer was swapped out so miles are correct)
new clutch and TOB
See build thread for the engine, too much to list
A few dings in the D/S quarter panel were fixed, D/S lower door and rear bumper were resprayed along with the GT side skirts, rear spoiler and front lip installed. The car still has some chips and door dings but still way above average for a 92 for sure.

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12/11/15 02:13 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

PM'd. Super interested.

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12/16/15 10:49 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

Deposit received, the new owner will pick it up either this weekend or next.

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12/17/15 02:17 AM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

I didn't expect this to last long. Someone got a heck of a deal. Great little car.

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12/17/15 06:27 AM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC


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12/21/15 03:42 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

The colt is officially gone. Met the new owner in Emporia Va yesterday and they were super happy with it. No idea what I will start on next but I will keep you guys posted.

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12/22/15 04:12 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

I have a fresh shell for you Chris

Congratulations on the sale brother. You don't keep a car for very long do ya? It came out great though and can't wait to see what you get started on next.

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12/22/15 04:37 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

That one might just be too far gone .

Thanks man, and to be honest no I don't. I'm 38 years old and I've had over 30 Mitsu's I'm sure. Over 50 cars total in my life. I buy them, fix them, sell them and move on. I will say the one I miss the most is my old summit wagon for some reason, no idea why. Got it the same way, bad transmission and brought it back from the dead. Had that one close to two years I think.

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12/09/17 05:27 PM
Re: FS: 92 Plymouth Colt-DOHC 4G64 NA $3650 NC

The new owner is looking to part ways with my old Colt. I can put you in contact with him as he's not a member on here (lives in Va). He's asking $3300 and it has around 75k on it now. Please PM me for details. If this is not allowed I fully understand, please delete if so. Thanks

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