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02/05/03 09:40 AM
Stage 2 mods

Intercooler Pipes Upgrade
  • Road Race Engineering makes the best price intercooler pipes for the Galant.
    Price has not been determined because they usually sell these in group purchases.
    The stock intercooler pipes are a HUGE restriction.
  • You'll need to adjust your boost controler after adding these pipes.

    Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade
    Road Race Engineering sells several different intercoolers that work great with their intercooler pipes.
    Just ask Mike at RRE which is best for your application.

    Fuel Computer
  • Vein Pressure Converter (VPC) is easy to tune and proven to make car go fast.
    This computer from HKS converts the car from a MAS (air mass) system to a MAP (absolute pressure) system in the intake.
    This gets rid of the restriction the MAS causes.
    The VPC also allows you vent the BOV to atmosphere instead of being fed back into the turbo's inlet.
    You will now be getting rid of the stock air canister and will be replacing it with a large K&N air filter.
    Watch out! The turbo can breath!
  • If you are planning on using a 16G turbo, I would suggest buying 550 injectors from Road Race Engineering and the VPC unit with the special chip.
    After you get 550's and you use the VPC, you'll NEVER hit fuel cut again unless you make the VPC run insanely rich.
  • Another choice is to get an Apex Super AFC and either modify your stock MAS or buy a 2G MAS.
    If you get 550's while using the AFC, you will not need a new chip.
    You will only need to re-tune the AFC.

    Upgraded Turbos
  • The Mitsubishi upgrades are the best bolt-on turbos with the best overall driveability and performance.
    The popular 16G turbo can be purchased from a variety of vendors.
    The 16G looks almost identical externally to the stock turbo.
  • Be sure to port the 7cm exhaust housing when installing this turbo.

    Injector Upgrade
  • This will probably happen right after you get a bigger turbo.
    You will be hitting fuel cut like crazy and needing more fuel than your stock injectors can handle.
    Don't be fooled into thinking that your stock injectors can handle a 16G.
    Running leaded race gas for 12 seconds is a lot easier on an engine than driving like I do everyday. [Smile]

    External Wastegate
  • You might want to do a lot of these mods at once because once you do one, the other is a must.
    If you get a lot of boost creep because the mods you have added to your car is just too much for the internal wastegate, then an external wastegate is the only choice.
    Turbo Trix sells a 95 exhaust manifold and Tial 40MM wastegate with the proper mount for a Galant.
    This controls your boost and dumps the exhaust from the wastegate into the atmosphere.
    This dump to atmosphere occurs at WOT or at boost levels at which the wastegate opens to maintain set boost pressures.

    Extrude Honed Intake Manifold
  • By Extrude Honing your intake (similar to porting, but with a force fed fluid), you can pick up as much as 0.2 seconds in the 1/4 mile and 2mph (about a 20hp gain).

    Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Buschur Racing sells an adjustable fuel pressure regulator that allows you to lower the fuel pressure back to a stock level.
    Adding a large fuel pump like the Supra pump causes the stock regulator to not be able to bypass enough fuel to create the correct fuel pressure.

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