08/12/17 03:07 PM
FS: partsbin cleanout

please email me at [email protected] for communications, the PM's here are tricky to keep track of.

buyer pays actual shipping, i'll do my best to make shipping the cheapest.
cyclone manifold, dirty. $75

used turbo oil feed line for turbo to get the oil out of the filter housing instead of the head, $10

2g MAF $10

turbo oil drain kit, new $20

ECU's, I opened them up to take a look inside, these were my known good test ecus when I used to work on cars.
1990 ecu, no eprom $30

1991 ecu, no eprom $30

under dash thing $5

3rd brake light, brown, $5

dash pod thing, under side has rust $5

NEW OEM dogleg in black. $60 but it has no clips. But it's brand new.

used green dogleg $10
used black front spat thing $10

new beck arnley clutch master $10

non turbo throttle bodies, $10 each. They have been sitting around for 10+ years so they need to be cleaned up or rebuilt or something. One has a idle motor, one has a tps

gvr4 power steering can $5

usdm grill $5 also in meh condition

Complete urethane engine mount kit new $60

Those FD RX7 rims are for sale too, but local pickup only. $150 and one rim cracked and was welded. Still works fine, used them for years like that.

(it's peace of mind at 100 mph plus)
08/12/17 03:40 PM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

Pm sent

In for oil feed/drain lines, clutch master, and n/t throttle bodies

One of my customers will want those jdm fogs


(fighting them with a large needle)
08/12/17 05:25 PM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout


08/12/17 10:59 PM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout


08/13/17 06:29 AM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

under dash, fogs, and jdm grille all spoken for.
And the oil feed and drain.

(Member ++)
08/13/17 07:25 AM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

PM sent

(Junior Member)
08/13/17 09:06 AM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

I'll take that Black rear dog leg, and JDM grill.
Never mind on the dogleg. No point in my getting a nice new one, when I'll probably loose it in the snow/mud again. I'll let some one who keeps their car clean have it.

08/14/17 03:48 PM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

post updated.
89 underdash and glove box sent
jdm grill and jdm fogs sent
I missed the ups guy today I think, hopefully they leave my work tomorrow.

Man it's difficult using the PM system here, can you guys email me at [email protected] for correspondence?
I swear someone somewhere asked for the throttle bodies but now I can't find it.

(Turn Right Racing)
08/15/17 07:14 AM
Re: FS: partsbin cleanout

For the throttle bodies, see the toybreaker post above. Maybe he sent the pm.

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